How I Learned To Create A Successful Mindset

Through the struggles I have faced, I understand firsthand how challenging life can be. Let’s be honest, all of us at times have worries or troubles that keep us up all night. Whether your concerns are about professional or private life, I am here to listen and guide you through these challenges.

Nowadays almost everyone has suffered from back pain. Some only once, a few often and the majority suffer regularly. Whether pain is routed in stress or lifestyle or anything else. It is known as a widespread health issue. Unfortunately, here I too have been affected. Years ago, I suffered from a slipped disc, which was so severe that the chief physician who has a very good reputation, told me that I would never be able to walk again without a major surgery. However, here my intuition told me immediately to decline the surgery. In my heart I knew that despite the negative predictions, I would be able to recover as a result of a strong mindset and hard work. Indeed, to the doctor’s surprise, I succeeded and made a full recovery without any surgery! This is just one of many examples from my own life that has proven to me that you can achieve anything with the right mindset and willpower. 

Another instance in which I was able to turn my life around was when the world seemed to be against me. 

From a young age, I have suffered from major anxiety (exam nerves) whenever I was being faced with a test or an exam. No matter how well prepared I was or how much I studied, my irrational anxiety was so overwhelmingly strong that I was never able to perform the way I knew I could. I never saw the results I knew I deserved and became increasingly frustrated. As a person who always focused on solutions rather than on problems, I finally decided not to let the fear win. I began to change my mindset. I was investing in myself and attended personal coaching sessions, reading a lot of books and attending numerous workshops. Through hard work and dedication, I was able to finally perform the way I wanted to and got the results I deserved. 

I successfully completed my MBA at the University of Surrey, UK. Eventually I even began my successful career in comedy where I performed in front of up to 1,000 people as well as on TV and radio. Having experienced firsthand how much coaching can change your life for the better, as well as having helped many friends, colleagues, acquaintances over the years, I decided to go to the next level and focused on becoming a professional life coach. I attended a lot of workshops, studied a lot of personal development and completed education and I am certified by two leading US coaches, Eben Pagan and Annie Lalla. 

I love working with people, and through many years working in various well-known locations, I was able to further develop my insight into human nature as well as my intuition. I love supporting other people in taking their first step. 

It is rewarding to see how quickly people can advance in their careers with my guidance and encouraging them with the right mindsets. I also worked in Marketing and Acquisition. Here, too, you need a high level of empathy and intuition. Throughout my entire professional as well as private life, I’ve personally experienced how the right mindset is the key to everything – success, well-being, health, happiness, love. 

Are you ready to overcome an obstacle? Is there something you have longed to achieve or excel at? Are you ready to take the step towards achieving your goals and overcoming your fears through transforming your mindset? I am more than happy to guide and support you! Reach out and contact me.

I am most dedicated to supporting others reaching their goals and overcoming their individual issues. 

Are you ready? Let’s work together to realize your goals and book an appointment with me today!