What It’s Like To Coach With Me

Coaching with me is a strategic partnership as well as a professional friendship where we work on finding lasting solutions to realize your goals step by step. We will create a custom action plan for you to follow easily. I will guide you through the whole process with empathy and professional support. I am a born listener and will also show you new ways to look at things. I believe in you and want to see you thrive. Let’s celebrate your breakthroughs. Let’s make a change together and make it possible for you to live the life you deserve and want to live.

Can’t wait to do this with you, so take the first step and reach out. Looking forward to supporting you.


If you’ve reached the point where you’re ready to take action and live the life you want to live, then I would like to invite you to do a live Strategy Session with me.

During our session together, you’ll …

> become aware of what you want to achieve

> work out a custom action plan with me that will be easy and fun to follow

> get tools to work and transform your mindset into a successful one and therefore change your life

You will leave our session knowing…

> What to do

> How to do it


„Kerstin Luhr is an outstanding coach. As an experienced and successful coach myself, I am very particular about those I choose to coach me. I only want to be coached by the very best, and have passed up some high profile coaches to work with her. Kerstin is in that inner circle of rare individuals whose judgment and intentions can be totally trusted. She is particularly adept at careful listening and asking questions that get us quickly to the root of the issue. Early on in our sessions, she uncovered my resistance to technology and we have worked together on this issue for almost half a year now. She is skilled and compassionate in working with sensitive issues, and guided me with creative ideas, affirmations and visualizations that have resulted in a major shift in two areas of my career: what social media I choose to use and how I use them, and assisting me to get (the undesired) job done quickly. This made a critical difference in preparing content for a website that had a deadline that I wouldn’t have met without her help preparing my mind and emotions to see it positively. It saved me from losing a several thousand dollar value. That would be enough, but Kerstin is much more than a coach – she is a trusted confidant who understands the pain and challenges that come up in life, and has a well of compassion for helping people navigate the difficulties they face. Sessions with her leave me happier and more empowered, every time!“

— Claire Yarington, Life and Peak Performance Coach, USA

„Kerstin is a true gift to anyone who meets her!  Her engaging personality, humor and incredible listening skills make you feel like you are the most important person in the world when in her presence. With Kerstin, you know you matter, and her confidence in you gives you confidence to believe in yourself.  She is the real deal!  She doesn’t just say things or make jokes to be light, her wit and intelligence allow her to craft truly meaningful and helpful insights into her way of working with you. I had the privilege of working with Kerstin through a challenging situation. She not only listened, she reflected to me things and feelings, I hadn’t even found words for. She reflected back to me my own goals and found helpful tools that encouraged me to persevere.  In Kerstin, you will have a coach who gives you uniquely personalized coaching that ensures that you – as the person – are supported. It is so clear you aren’t getting what every client gets, you are getting what you need for that moment, and it works to help you succeed!“

— Dr. Susy Best, CEO Thrive Group International, LLC, USA

„I worked with Kerstin for productivity and strategizing my coaching practice. She is very supportive and guides the right way to gain the appropriate knowledge to bring in the productivity and right strategy for our career. She is a great listener, guide and a wonderful coach. Thank you.“

— Mahesh PG, Cyber Security Coach, India

„Kerstin is a good friend of mine and she coached me even before I knew she wanted to become a professional coach. She is a remarkable listener and I always admired her for being so attentive and remembering even the smallest details of things that I had told her. Kerstin is characterized by her ability to ask the right questions and to point out new perspectives. Talking to Kerstin helps me feeling lighter and adopting a more positive mindset.“

— Mareike Fischer, Psychologist, Germany

„Kerstin is a gifted coach with a unique ability to create a safe space to explore limiting beliefs from the past that may be blocking progress today. She intuitively senses the right questions to ask to connect with your inner knowing and suggests actions that inspire progress to reach your desired goals. I highly recommend Kerstin as someone who is caring and supportive in helping you explore possibilities and achieve your goals.“

„The coaching with Kerstin has significantly supported me in my further development! She showed me new perspectives in a way that was easy to understand. She has created a safe and trusting atmosphere in which I felt very comfortable. She inspired me to rethink how I take action. I was motivated and inspired to implement my ideas directly. I was given tasks that were well implemented and achieved great success. I am now having more awareness to choose actions for my highest benefit.“

— Kristine Johari, Strategic Planning, Management, Germany